Monday, 23 February 2009


it's like picking up a fight with your sister in the night before.
then in the morning you join her for breakfast.
and you drive her home from school later on.

things could get really bad.
but in the end you know you'll keep coming back.


Marshmallow said...

because you can never hate the life you are assigned for, no matter how suck it is. (hopefully, though. 'cos some stupids might as well do.)

ezra said...

hope we learn, even from hatred

sonn said...

that's my fave track from john mayer's continuum album :)

ezra said...

@ sonn
yes, couldnt agree more

lolita in pijama said...

that's what we called the unconditional love.
we'll keep coming back how bad it was.

anyway nice writing..
salam kenal ya


steisimileiva said...

"it's gravity. you keep coming back no matter how bad it is" ...

agree, except if we're able to travel the space and reach the moon!

great writings! keep it up!